Botman is a bot designed to interact with users, and make the game more fun.

His commands are below.

=== Commands ===

Botman ALWAYS copies emoticons.

Botman is delicate, and is still a work in progress, please don't hurt him by spamming commands, it will result in removal. If Botman is playing slowly, please try following the instructions below for level changing:

Using the joystick causes Botman to recognise you as his commander...
  1. For level1: Show the Joystick Emoticon and then show the CHEESEY Smile face
  2. For level2: Show the Joystick and then show the normal Smile
  3. For level3: show the joystick and then the :|
  4. For level4: Show the Joystick and then the sad face
  5. For level5: show the Joystick and then show the surprise O emoticon
  • follow / heart emoticon - causes Botman to follow you
  • Hey / Hello - you will recieve a greeting from Botman
  • bot / botman / bot man ("Botman sucks", "Botman is cool!", "Great work, Botman!") will all trigger these, just as long as you say the key words. - he will think of a clever response
  • stop - stops botman from following you
  • play - causes Botman to join a 1 player findfour game (most likely yours.. sometimes he will go after someone else though), if he is already
  • playing, he won't do play against you! -- he can only play one game at once, but he can still do his other jobs while playing.
  • (throw a snowball) - he will play tag with you, with a snowball.
  • (friend request) - he will reply to your friend request (he'll accept), and say a nice response to your request!
  • e(1-5) [eg: e1 or e5] - this changes botman's skill level. the highest is 5 (hardest) -- level 5 should be avoided because botman will reply/play slowly if he is set to this level (although he will CERTAINLY give you a real challenge if at level 5), lowest is 1 (easiest). It will make him harder/easier to beat in FindFour! (Change the level by following the instructions above)
  • "botman dance" / "bot dance" - botman'll dance!

[coming soon]

  • If there is only one person left in the room, Botman says not to leave because he'll "get lonely".
  • Rainbow puffle - botman will be able to have a rainbow puffle
  • Stamps - botman will be able to recieve stamps
  • Quotes - botman will be able to quote users